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Time passes. The influences that affect our life behavior are continuously changing. Art Nouveau, cubism, functionalism, brutalism. From handcrafted details to wider prefabricated units. From areas measured by human scale to dull high-capacity terrariums. What happens when the mechanism wins? A record of a dream I had…

starring Matěj Podlešák
camera assistant Marcel Halcin
sound effects and music Pavel Kielberger
production Lenka Medová; Studio FAMU
directed by Jakub Kuthan
supervisor Jan Šípek

locations UPM, NGP a YMCA

Special thanks to Karolína Vacková, Michaela Kindlová a Petra Otřísalová



A small living being emerges from the drawings of a Hebrew notebook. Scalded by a feeling of sudden revival, she throws herself into discovering the wonders and magic that are hidden next to the rules of grammar – into the long forests of sketches overflowing with bizarre life forms.

Auteur Jakub Kuthan

Have you ever wondered how extremely difficult search for the right soulmate is? The documentary film from the minds of Jakub Kuthan and Elias Gaydecka focuses on the life of a group of exceptionally peculiar creatures – the community of Jewish Orthodox matchmakers. What does Gimpl Beynish, an agile second-class matchmaker, have to do in order to find a proper counterpart?

Directed by Jakub Kuthan
Screenplay Eliáš Gaydečka
Animation Eliáš Gaydečka, Jakub Kuthan
Sound Effects Tomáš Karban, Radek Holodňák
Narator Jonatan Mates
Voiceactors Matěj Podlešák, Ester Gracerová and others

Special thanks for Samuel Zagat, Petr Karas, Jane Peppler and Petr Jan Vinš

30 years of freedom = 30 authors = 30 one-minute films. An unique project by Reflex magazine and Czech Television, which in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution reflects many forms and understandings of freedom.

Shots directed by Petr Cífka, Štěpán Vodrážka, Petr Čtvrtníček, Tomáš Mašín, Miřenka Čechová, Kamila Zlatušková, Michal Caban, Šimon Caban, Martin Bartkovský, Oliver Beaujard, Karolína Nováková, Nino Zardalishvili, Theodora Remundová, Jan Bártek, Aleš Najbrt, Karel Dlabač, Eliáš Gaydečka, Jakub Kuthan an others
Petr Cífka, Milan Tesař, Kateřina Ondřejková
Film editor
Karel Dlabač

book design


PC game

Imagine the dilemma; report of the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops into Czechoslovakia will get to you on the morning of August 21 in Brussels, the previous day you participated in the international briefing of the Jewish Masonic counter-revolutionary forces preparing the capitalist coup in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Will you return to the Czechoslovakia even though everything may be lost? Will you be able to redistribute ammo from the secret firearm stockpiles in time?

After a long leave in the West, you return to Bohemia. The situation has changed significantly since your last stay. On your way you will have to step out of the conformity of anonymity and fight your way to a successful counter-revolution! Of course, with the wit and disarming charm that your character itself emits into space. So who are you going to fight?

+instant poetic damage
-his bro is unable to close the door
+shiny head improves his communication with Kremlin
-cuckold bourgeois
+he tend to forget sign the score
-weakness for interrogation
+swear words damage
-simply deportable by the state police
+urobime federaciju
-neurobi federaciju

Politicians, militiamen, policemen, saints, artists and students… even tanks, everything is against you. You have to get tuned properly to succeed. Therefore, throw in the right flow soundtrack of the Vysehrad riders, which will create the right nationalist atmosphere, and let’s go!

dev logs

snippet from the boss fight – 25.02.2020

new music added to the game soundtrack – 14.07.2020



9/2017 – Book ‚Gimpel Beynish, the matchmaker‘
4/2019 – Animated film ‚Gimpel Beynish Goes to America‘
6/2019 – Film ‚Moje Svoboda‚ screened at the KVIFF
1/2020 – Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University; Department of Biblical and Jewish Studies, Department of Philosophy
8/2020 – Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague; Department of Documentary Film