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Jakub Kuthan

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(EN: Krchleby)


(EN: I can still hear the train coming)

Switchman Jiří has been waiting for a train for 26 years. A poetic reportage from a railway line overgrown with trees even though it has not been decommissioned; it is just temporarily out of service.

starring Jiří S., Václav Knop, Václav Kopta
director Jakub Kuthan
editor Nikol Stýblová
director of photography Kryštof Čížek
sound master Pavel Kielberger
production Jakub Watzek
grading and post-production Kryštof Čížek
1st AD Matěj Podlešák

special thanks to Studio FAMU, Místní dráha Rakovník-Mladotice

(EN: A Dream)

I had a dream about a house where I could only go upstairs. The higher I was, the bigger and more spacious the spaces were. The floors got rid of uselessness and were replaced by functionality. The space in them became more spacious. In the end, I was the only thing left. Me and emptiness without a human dimension. So what? Fortunately it was just a dream…

starring Matěj Podlešák
auteur Jakub Kuthan
sound master Pavel Kielberger
lights Marcel Halcin
production Lenka Medová

special thanks to UPM and NGP


(EN: Pawns)

A film inspired by the unnecessary decisions made by people at a crossroads. Inspired by the desire for power and by all those wasted chances for metastasis. About the inability to change.

starring Václav Wortner, Jiří Ratajík, Rút Charvátová, Jakub Weiner, Jáchym Sůra, František Barták, Šimon Köppl, Matěj Mleziva, Maxim Dančo, Julie Hořčáková
auteur film Jakub Kuthan
1st AE Nikol Stýblová
co-writers Darja Miková, Vasyl Malyshka
sound Vít Jeřábek
costume designer Barbora Lišková
production Jindřich Kurel, Barbora Hladíková, Lara Stoilová, Lenka Medová
1st AD Eliáš Gaydečka
1st AC Barbara Matějková
photography Barbara Matějková
runner Ester Farberová, Kamila Brhlíková

special thanks to Rental NOTABENE and Český Šachový svaz ČR

(EN: Notie)

a small living being emerges from the drawings of a hebrew notebook. scalded by a feeling of sudden revival, she throws herself into discovering the wonders and magic that are hidden next to the rules of grammar – into the long forests of sketches overflowing with bizarre life forms.

animation jakub kuthan

documentary film about the fellowship of three depressed men on their insignificant journey to české budějovice. the expedition is captured on various devices from the perspective of the observed subject – jonatan mates. on their way the goals of the mission are constantly shifting in the rush of the moment. noetic inputs are not as much subject to the director’s intent as the state of the battery in the recording devices. like as the cameraman’s shooting.

directed by jakub kuthan
conceptual theory jakub kuthan, matěj podlešák
camera jonatan mates

(EN: Gimpel Beynish Goes to America)

have you ever wondered how extremely difficult search for the right soulmate is? the documentary film from the minds of jakub kuthan and elias gaydecka focuses on the life of a group of exceptionally peculiar creatures – the community of jewish orthodox matchmakers. what does gimpl beynish, an agile second-class matchmaker, have to do in order to find a proper counterpart?

directed by jakub kuthan
screenplay eliáš gaydečka
animation eliáš gaydečka, jakub kuthan
music minimum
sound effects tomáš karban, radek holodňák
narator jonatan mates
voiceactors matěj podlešák, ester gracerová and others

special thanks for samuel zagat, petr karas, jane peppler and petr jan vinš


PC game

Imagine the dilemma; report of the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops into Czechoslovakia will get to you on the morning of August 21 in Brussels, the previous day you participated in the international briefing of the Jewish Masonic counter-revolutionary forces preparing the capitalist coup in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Will you return to the Czechoslovakia even though everything may be lost? Will you be able to redistribute ammo from the secret firearm stockpiles in time?

dev logs

snippet from the boss fight – 25.02.2020

new music added to the game soundtrack – 14.07.2020